Class of 2013

A Downtown Los Angeles resident, Aaron attended the Ryman Arts program every weekend. He graduated from the program and Ramon C. Cortines High School in June 2013. With a passion for knowledge and creativity, he will be attending University of California, Los Angeles in the Fall and hopes to pursue a career in the arts.

Through the Ryman Arts program I can honestly say that my life has changed. It has given me the opportunity to develop not only my skills as an artist, but also the ability and need to expand my mind. Each day I would go to Ryman Arts awaiting to be exposed to new thoughts; new ways of looking at art. It gave me reassurance that what I truly wanted out of life can happen. But most importantly it gave me a secure home to which I felt comfortable to visually express myself—for without art, I would go crazy.

The Ryman Arts program impacted Aaron’s artistic growth, as well as his career and life goals. He aims to always remain an artist and involved with the arts via various outlets—whether it be through teaching, studying, creating, or viewing.

My goal in life is to continue my growth for knowledge and passion. A life without passion is not one I wish to live. I am an artist and it goes beyond the application of paint upon a surface; it is the development of abstract notions that form philosophical art movements, the process of forming ideas that coincide with human development; its vivid imagery that is constantly thriving on creativity that helps form the surrounding world.  My goal in life is to… BE ART.

Aaron is now attending the University of California, Los Angeles.