Class of 2008

2012 Ryman Arts Sklar Intern at Walt Disney Imagineering

I grew up going to Disneyland, and it was during my experiences there as a child that I was first captivated and enchanted by the magic of Disney. So when I was given the opportunity this summer to be a part of the Walt Disney Imagineering team, it was like a dream come true. Disney Imagineering is one of the most exciting places in the creative entertainment industry. I quickly learned that not only was Imagineering a place of magic and imagination, but that it was an organization led by visionary people who are passionate about their work and who seek to bring the seemingly impossible to life. During my internship, I had the opportunity to witness first-hand an immensely creative atmosphere where individuals from a multitude of different disciplines collaborate to advance the art of entertainment and the art of storytelling.

This summer I was privileged to intern for the Digital Media Presentations department of WDI. Because of my background in digital media production, audio/video support, the visual arts, and theater, this department was a natural fit for my background and for my varied interests. On a daily basis I got to see the ways in which technical and creative fields are able to intersect and work together in an environment that fosters and encourages innovative thinking. Our department was always hard at work preparing and managing a broad range of multi-media in-house presentations, events, and projects. My interdisciplinary skills were put to the test as I was asked to perform a variety of different tasks --everything from video editing, live audio mixing, running video equipment, to theatrical lighting. By the end of the summer, I had edited several videos for WDI’s ImagiNations website, coordinated studio recording sessions, and worked with my amazing team to hang and operate stage lights for a variety of events and performances, run video shoots, and mix live music for musical concerts.

I am so grateful to Ryman Arts for the amazing opportunity I have had to work with people whose talent and vision I admire so much, and to the wonderful people I worked with at Walt Disney Imagineering for encouraging me, helping me to grow both in my technical skills and my ability to see and think creatively, and for giving me a chance to glimpse into the magical world of Imagineering.