Class of 2008

2011 Ryman Arts Sklar Intern at Walt Disney Imagineering

When Ryman first announced the Marty Sklar Internship at Walt Disney Imagineering I knew it would be a great opportunity, but I did not know how I could fit into such an accomplished company. After a little bit of research I learned that Imagineering covered a wider variety of disciplines than I could have imagined. I started to think about why I loved going to Disneyland so much and what about the Disney Company I felt was so special. I have always been attracted to the dark rides where I am immersed into another world that used to only exist on my television screen. That’s when I looked at how my artistic skills could help create this environment that I love. It all happened so fast, the phone call from the recruiter, the interview, the job application process, the official job offer, and then there I was in the lobby waiting to start my first day at Imagineering.

I was fortunate enough to work in the color and design department where I could paint eight hours a day and be paid to do it. There we worked on colorboards that would be shown to the banks, vendors, or used out on the construction site to guide the painting process for a new attraction. When I first began I mixed a lot of paint to match color swatches, prepared many colorboards and mixed some more paint. As I was progressing I was given more independence to paint a few colorboards and choose the colors that could eventually be used on the actual ride. I was able to get feedback on my work from the art director and other members of the color and design department. The other painters I worked with were generous enough to share their painting tricks with me. I was also introduced to the painting technique of airbrushing and the equipment. Once a week all the interns working for The Walt Disney Company were invited to hear presentations from leaders within the company and ask them questions.