Class of 2007

Before Ryman Arts, I was in a time in my life where I was discovering myself as a young adult and that came with many insecurities and self-doubt. I felt at ease during my art classes throughout my middle school and early high school years. My art teacher knew me very well since we held a close relationship and understood I had a passion for fine art. One day she handed me a Ryman arts application and suggested I applied. At first, I was doubtful on applying to a ‘too good to be true’ arts program, but then again I thought, “why not? I have nothing to lose.” The first two times I applied to Ryman Arts, I was rejected, but I had my eyes set on the program! I really wanted to be part of something special—an opportunity of a lifetime. Rejection didn't hinder me. I had hope to carry me through and sure enough, the third time I applied to Ryman Arts I got accepted to the program! I was overwhelmed with excitement and a sense of confidence!

After the program, I went off to college (thanks to Ryman Arts’ resources) at California State University, Northridge to study Music Business and minor in Fine Art. I graduated in 2011 and presently am working at a nonprofit music organization started by the LA Philharmonic called Youth Orchestra Los Angeles. Ryman Arts had such a great impact on my life that I figured I would love to be in the nonprofit world. Now, I’m helping children from poverty-level families learn music and art for social change, and be our next leaders in their communities. I will soon be looking into getting my Masters of Science in Organizational Development to further my education and career in nonprofit organizations for the arts. Ryman Arts inspired and influenced me in the sense of seeing the power of arts in a nonprofit setting. It is to help support our present and future generations for the better. It helps create humanitarian influences and well-rounded individuals through art. Ryman Arts helped me gain confidence and courage to follow my true endeavors in life, and helped me express myself through colors and brushstrokes. Art is a powerful medium and it is not to be underestimated. Art is a fundamental human right, and it helps humanity be bright and questions how we deal with life and what we do as a society.