Class of 2013

There is a great amount of things I could say about the Ryman Arts program. It’s helped change my own individual artwork and life in general. My high school art teacher suggested that I apply to the program, and I did in the fall of 2011. Much to my surprise, I got accepted for the spring 2012 semester and began my growth as both an artist and a person.

Ryman Arts changed who I am, and for the better. It has prepared me for countless things that I’m bound to encounter in the very near future, and nurtured my passion for art and helped it grow even greater. I’ve decided that not only do I love art as a hobby, but as something that I’d love to keep making or doing for the rest of my life. The program prepares its students with simple yet indispensable practices, such as critiques, weekly homework assignments, interaction with other students from various other places, and enlightening presentations from professionals and college representatives.

Because of Ryman Arts, I am so much more confident in myself and my art than I would ever imagine. The critiques helped me be more open about others’ interpretation of art and suggestions, and just in general become ready for the real world.

I believe that Ryman is one of the best programs out there for teaching students art with the highest quality lessons and instructors out there. It has changed my life and most likely countless of other students’ lives as well.

Marisa and her twin sister Frankie, who is also a Ryman Arts alumna, now attend Laguna College of Art and Design.