Class of 2010

A Father & Son Reflection

Mikael Kloda has been drawing since he could hold a crayon. Luckily, he grew up with a supportive father (also named Michael, but traditionally spelled). When Mikael applied to Ryman Arts, his father printed copies of Mikael’s artwork on large mailing labels and stuck them on his application package for good luck.

Michael, a “Rockin’ Dad” who has been writing music for twenty years, knows the importance of pursuing the arts with confidence. He reflects, “Ryman truly was a catalyst for Mikael’s growth as a unique artist. Where he is today really started with Ryman.”

Mikael was inspired by the artists he met on field trips. Guidance from his Ryman instructors opened many doors. “At a Ryman college fair, I presented my artwork to prestigious colleges and received great feedback. This led me to apply for the California State Summer Program for the Arts – an amazing life-changing program,” says Mikael.

Michael’s advice to other parents? “Always be involved: drive your child to Ryman Arts, offer constructive criticism, volunteer at Ryman events. Your support is essential. Your child will know and feel he has a foundation to grow on and people who are always there for him.”

A Herb Alpert Scholarship recipient, Mikael went on to attend Cal Arts. His dad continues as a frequent volunteer at Ryman.