Class of 2012

A South Los Angeles resident, Mynor attended the Ryman Arts program every weekend. He graduated from the program and Ramon C. Cortines High School in June 2012. With a passion to help others in art, he hopes to one day become an art professor.

Before Ryman Arts, I knew I was going to become an artist, I just didn’t have a resilient backbone. School could only teach me so much, but I still felt like I wasn’t getting enough of what I needed to know or accomplish. That is when my sister, Leslie, who was a graduate of the Ryman Arts program, convinced me to apply to the program and give it a shot.

When I got into the program, I found all of my instructors to be remarkable; we never wasted time. Our days were always jam-packed with very informative assignments and my instructors would do a great job of motivating us. I learned various methods of drawing and began to transition, learning the numerous techniques that are involved in painting. I learned that to gain the aspects of producing artwork of your desire, it is very important to have a sturdy foundation—like the one Ryman Arts instills; their sequential levels are perfect examples of step by step learning.

I’m currently attending Otis College of Art & Design. I’m in the Fine Arts department and my major is Painting, but I do try all sorts of genres. Anywhere from painting to performance art along with sculpture and a variety of other media that my school allows me to explore. After college I want to work on my art and try to get some shows up and running and then hopefully get into a graduate program. And, with any luck, work my way into getting my credentials to teach art.

Ryman Arts has helped me tremendously! If I didn’t receive the material Ryman Arts provided I would not be where I am now. Growing up was tough enough and the only resources I received was to be spread thin amongst thousands of kids in my public school. My parents didn’t feel art utensils were a necessity so I would always have to find my own supplies—usually hand-me-downs. When I got into Ryman Arts, I felt so grateful. I knew I was going to get the right kind of education in art and for me art is all that matters along with great people, which Ryman Arts also illuminated. Now that I’m in college, I’m glad I have a great foundation in art. I often think to myself of all the awesome stuff Ryman Arts does and their strong efforts to pursue their mission.

Mynor was a 2012 Silver Medal winner in the National Scholastic Art & Writing Awards for the painting category and now attends Otis College of Art & Design.