Class of 1993

Ryman Arts alumnus Shane Prigmore credits Ryman Arts for the impact the program made on his career, his work ethic, and his creative voice as an artist. Shane is a professional animator, development artist, story board artist, writer, book illustrator, and an Annie award winning character designer in the film, television, and entertainment industries. He spent the past 5 years of his career at DreamWorks Animation, and is currently consulting for them as well as several other major studios.
He recalls about his experience as a Ryman Arts student,

This was the first time I had been able to relate with and discuss my love for art and the process with others my age. This was also the first time I was faced with having to present my art work to people other than my family and non-artistic friends. This was a vital learning experience that I have used every single day in my professional art career. To present your work, and to then have that work critiqued by the incredible instructors and guest lecturers in the Ryman program was the sparking point for my career. This is how I grew as an artist. This is how I learned to work with others, and bounce ideas and concepts with others in the field…

But probably the biggest impact the Ryman program had on me and my career was creatively. Learning from and working with the incredible instructors, guest lecturers, and fellow students at that key, developmental time in my life was profoundly inspiring. My approach to creative and visual problem solving just blossomed from that point forward. I am incredibly lucky and grateful to the Ryman program and everyone involved for helping me find my path and my voice as an artist and a professional.

Since then, Shane graduated from CalArts and worked on projects as varied as: Coraline, How to Train Your Dragon, The Iron Giant, The Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers, The Curious George feature, Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends, Dinner for Schmucks, and DreamWorks films: The Croods, Peobody and Sherman, and The Guardians. Shane has been a Ryman Arts guest artist and was a recent panelist at Career Day, inspiring students with his captivating story.