ALUMNI STAR at Power Up Celebration

By Diane Brigham, Executive Director

Ryman Arts alumni were stars at Sunday’s Power Up, with 14 artists demonstrating their talents as they painted and drew throughout the evening, and many more volunteering on all aspects of the event. Glamorous costumed models (provided by Gallery Girls) were situated among the Edison generators and historic artifacts as inspiration for the artists. Francisco Palomares painted on stage while the jazz band played. See a selection of the fabulous drawings they made on the spot here.  Many of our guests asked how they could acquire a drawing from the event. Check out the album of drawings, and learn how you can choose one for yourself.

Three alumni spoke of the impact of Ryman Arts on their personal development.  Ryman Arts proved to Adrianna Arambula that she mattered and she was worthy,  as she spoke of how emotional it was to receive completely new art supplies on the first day of class, in contrast to the brushes worn down to the nub in her crowded public school. She is now an architectural lighting designer.  Arotin Hartounian, now an undergraduate at Art Center, shared that he was a refugee with his family from Iran, just focused on survival. At Ryman Arts he gained the confidence to pursue his dream of working as an artist. Christina Saucedo revealed that Ryman Arts had pushed her out of her comfort zone during class critiques, and helped her evolve from an awkward teenager to a confident adult member of our Board of Directors. Cheers and thanks to them and the dozens of alumni who volunteered at the event. Now that they have made their way in the world, we are proud to see them supporting the program and the next generation of young artists.