Creative Hour for Ryman Arts Alumni

By Veronica Mora (Ryman ’14), Alumni Fellow 

Ryman Arts continues to engage its alumni with exclusive events like Creative Hour with Ryman Arts which took place on June 27, 2019, at Industrious DTLA. Creative Hour was developed for Ryman Arts alumni who have established themselves in the creative industry and are looking to take the next step.

This networking event hosted by Moonlit Skincare, a brand co-founded by Ryman Arts alumna Stephy Kim (Ryman '07), included a panel discussion with accomplished Ryman Arts alumni.

The panel featured Josie Trinidad (Ryman '94), Director at Walt Disney Animation Studios; Eugenia Sangiovanni (Ryman '02), Founder and Creative Director of Bacio Design & Marketing; and Stephy Kim, Co-Founder and CEO of Moonlit Skincare, and was moderated by Adrianna Arambula (Ryman '04), Creative Director of Justice Design Group and Ryman Arts Alumni Representative.

Josie Trinidad, Stephy Kim, Eugenia Sangiovanni, and Adrianna Arambula (left to right)

Josie Trinidad, Stephy Kim, Eugenia Sangiovanni, and Adrianna Arambula (left to right) 

The panel focused on the experiences, triumphs, and obstacles the panelists have faced within the creative industry, as well as their experiences with Ryman Arts.

“Being next to all these really talented folks from all over Southern California made me feel like part of an art community before you had the Internet. So I felt like I found this tribe of kids just like me, who are really into art, who are amazing. It brought my game up in general, way higher than I think it ever would’ve been without Ryman Arts.” – Josie Trinidad

Questions asked included how the panelists balanced their own artistic instincts and vision with the commercial needs of a company or a brand and how having a creative background has affected them in their current work.

“When you're working with different designers and photographers, and you are coming from an artsy side, you get good at knowing what you want, how to give direction, just like basic things that actually a lot of other business owners were not giving.” – Stephy Kim

Other questions delved into difficulties they’ve face in their careers that they didn’t anticipate as well as the long-term goals each had for the future. The panel was followed by a brief Q & A session. After which, our alumni had more time to network, socialize, and talk to the panelists.

“The Creative Hour mixer was incredible! I met a lot of new people there, but also got the chance to reconnect with a few people I did know. The speakers also gave a lot of useful insight that answered a lot of questions I was currently asking, myself, but didn’t know who to ask. They assuaged my current art fears in general and re-established a lot of confidence in myself." – Carolyn Ngo (Ryman '10)

Creative Hour showed that the influence of Ryman Arts extends beyond graduation, that the community this program fosters is still growing, and that our alumni continue to thrive.

Ryman Arts alumni networking and socializing after the panel

Ryman Arts alumni networking and socializing after the panel

Chris Hernandez (Ryman '09), April Hernandez (Ryman '10), Brennan Beavers (Ryman '16) (left to right)

Chris Hernandez (Ryman '09), April Hernandez (Ryman '10), Brennan Beavers (Ryman '16) (left to right)