Engaged Students this Spring

By Marilyn Nguyen (Ryman ’11), Development Coordinator

Ryman Arts is back for an in-person semester after moving temporarily to virtual classes for the 2020-2021 school year. Amidst the current social and health challenges of the pandemic, our dedicated students remain eager to learn and create art.

This semester, we are proud to welcome 262 new and returning students from 137 zip codes across Southern California to our studio classes at Otis College of Art & Design and Cal State Fullerton!

Art supplies, including charcoal, colored pencils, and art boxes, for distribution at Ryman Arts classes

Art supplies being prepared for distribution on the first day of class

“Students are bonding, and teachers are excited to be teaching in-person,” noted our Site & Outreach Coordinator, Patricia Esquivel. “As the new Site & Outreach Coordinator, some of the great things I noticed include how enthusiastic the students are to be part of the Ryman Arts program. So far, all the students are eager to begin classes and arrive quite early.  As I make my rounds, I noticed that the students are quiet but attentive and serious about what they are learning.”

High school youth begin sketching from observation on the first day of Ryman Arts class

Foundation Drawing students begin sketching from observation on the first day of class

Although the first few weeks have been chilly, our Intermediate Drawing & Painting students were excited to be outside, exploring plein air painting techniques using watercolors. In the Advanced Painting classes, students are starting to work with live models.

Left: Girl painting shapes from observation. Right: Boy exploring watercolors on sketchbook

Students fully engaged in their class assignments

Starting their second semester at Ryman Arts, student Cosmo L. (Ryman ’22) shared, “I'm very happy to be part of a learning community full of creativity and challenges. The students here communicate among each other about what we like to draw, what events are happening at school, and helping each other when needed. We can all relate what it means to practice art and learn through the obstacles. As a returning student, it is really exciting, since each semester has a new medium in art. I really enjoy experimenting with these different mediums and exploring what method I enjoy the most.”

Female youth holding up artwork assignment during critique in Ryman Arts class

We’re constantly blown away by the dedication and hard work of our students, even in the first few days of class. As our semester continues, we look forward to seeing our students’ growth and the incredible work they will create.