Laguna Beach Gallerists Support Ryman Arts

The Amazing Steals Art Auction on May 9th at saltfineart in Laguna Beach was such a success and we could not have done it without our amazing gallerists and auctioneer for their time and energy. Why would contemporary art gallery owners put so much effort into supporting Ryman Arts? We asked the individuals behind The Amazing Steals and they shared their motivations:

“Ryman Arts gets the job done! We believe in the work they are doing, changing lives, creating opportunities - art as a vehicle for social advancement. We are on board and proud to be a partner through our annual auction, The Amazing Steals Art Auction.”
- Carla Tesak, saltfineart 

 “We are pleased to take part in The Amazing Steals Art Auction which benefits Ryman Arts, a foundation that supports young artistic talent through the legacy of Herbert Ryman. We love that Ryman was a driving artistic force [to inspire] young men and women who show promising artistic abilities. [With funding cuts] in the public schools…we are so thankful for such a charity that keeps art alive within new generations!”
- Michael and Kelsey Irvin, Kelsey Michaels Fine Art

“In a world where the national educational model subordinates any emphasis on the arts, it's encouraging to see a program like Ryman Arts successfully prove them wrong. To see the life in the eyes of those who've passed through your programs and are now actively living a productive and rewarding life pursuing their art is immensely rewarding. "The pursuit of happiness" is written in the Declaration of Independence. Ryman aids in that pursuit and should be modeled in the public schools nationwide, to encourage more young students to follow their calling to a live lived creatively - for themselves and the greater community.”
– Auctioneer Mark J. Thomas and Sue Greenwood, Sue Greenwood Fine Art

See photos of The Amazing Steals Art Auction at the Ryman Arts Facebook Fan Page.