To our community

Dear Friends,

Even as we mustered the power of art to create community and support the students of Ryman Arts last Friday evening during our Out of the Box virtual art-making party, neighborhoods were suffering and burning. After our event, many of you expressed how much that evening lifted your spirits. As a community of educators, students, artists, business and community leaders, we know the power of art to strengthen, heal and create positive change.

Yet today the anguish of recent events across the country—and the unaceptable realities faced by many of our youth— still dominates our thoughts.

We are united as we stand alongside others against systemic racism and violence against Black people. The daily protests starkly remind us how much work we still have to do right here and now: to listen, to uncover bias, educate ourselves, and remove obstacles so that young people of color have the access and opportunities to succeed in art, and most importantly, in life.

At Ryman Arts we believe that talent is universal but opportunity is not. We believe it is critical to find talent wherever it exists. And by ensuring access to high quality artistic education, we strengthen society at large.

The visions and voices of this next generation of artists are critical to creating a more just, more peaceful, more inclusive, more vibrant world for all of us, a world where all young people can thrive.

Diane Brigham

Executive Director 

Phil Hettema

President, Board of Directors


Above animation by Kelly Juarez (Ryman '12)


Eugenia Sangiovanni (Ryman ’02)


De’Von Stubblefield (Ryman ’11)


Raquel Martinez (Ryman ‘16)


Bryant Santamaria (Ryman ’12)


Maggie Chiang (Ryman '09)


Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo (Ryman ‘09)


Domonique Brown (Ryman ’11)