Ryman Arts Alumni Artists to draw sketches at Power Up!

By Shannon Huang, Development & Communications Manager

On Sunday, April 19th, The Edison in Downtown LA will be set-up for a night of celebration as Ryman Arts rings in its 25th Anniversary at Power Up. The night will honor co-founders Disney Legend Marty & Leah Sklar and celebrate the accomplishments of 25 years of young artists. Amongst our guests, will be Ryman Arts Alumni Artists, roving around the establishment to create quick sketches. Each sketch will be unique and can be taken home as a gift. We will also have a live painter who will be creating a piece throughout the night to be auctioned off at the closing of the event. We have a network of very talented and successful alumni and are excited for our attendees to meet them! Here are a few bios to introduce the reason why Ryman Arts exists and the reason why we will continue to fulfill our mission of teaching young artists.

We hope to see you at Power Up- RSVP here.


Domonique Brown has been on the move since she was born in October 1993. Originally from Pomona, CA, she has had a pencil in her hand since she was in diapers. Dominique is currently an undergraduate at Cal Poly Pomona studying communication and graphic design. How would she describe herself? "I am humorous. Girl next door. Creative.


Arotin Hartounian graduated from the Ryman Arts program in 2008 and has continued his involvement with the organization ever since. He has focused on learning illustration and fine art for several years and is currently studying product design. His love for drawing people stems from his passion of observing and interacting with humans.


Ariel McKay completed the Ryman Arts program in 2009 which allowed Ariel to get a head start on her artistic skills, provided connections and networking to various studios, while continually introducing to her different art-related choices which helped her discover and realize career goals. Ariel now works in the animation industry at Titmouse Inc. as a production assistant.


Petrina Mina has been Ryman alumna since 2000. She says that she continues to value Ryman Arts’ foundation teachings as an essential backbone to any project she completes. She claims that the Ryman Arts experience enabled her to become a versatile artist in the creative industry.


Romina Perez, a proud alumni, graduated from Ryman Arts in 2005. Romina states that Ryman Arts was the first door of opportunities for her and helped her gain admittance to Otis College of Art and Design with a scholarship. She later went on to study children illustration in Spain. Romina moved to and worked in Oaxaca, Mexico doing freelancing, teaching, working at a museum and published 3 books. She is now back in the states for new opportunities.

Grady Williams completed the Ryman Arts program in 1993. Growing up in South Central Los Angeles and dabbling in drawing and cartoons with no real focus, Ryman Arts gave him the opportunity to have focused art instruction and develop a core skill set. A Graduate from Art Center College of Design in Padadena, California in 1999 with a BFA in illustration and a recent Graduate from Academy of Art University in 2014 with an MFA in Animation, those early lessons continue to pay off. Grady spent 8 years working in video games doing concept art and 3d modeling with Midway Home Entertainment, Redzone interactive and Sony Computer Entertainment America. He has been actively teaching Drawing, Animation and 3d modeling at Art Institute of California San Diego and well as illustrating children’s books and creating webcomics. He is currently writing and illustrating another children’s book.


Francisco Palomares graduated from Ryman Arts in 2007. Through the education and support of Ryman Arts, Francisco gained the confidence to pursue a career and a lifetime in the arts. This confidence and passion for the arts has enabled him to imagine the world outside of his childhood neighborhood of East Los Angeles by transcending the limits of his own life. He has studied painting in Italy, Florence as well as in Guangzhou, China and received his BFA in Drawing & Painting from California State University, Long Beach. Francisco Palomares explains his artwork to be, “a personal journal in how the socioeconomics of Los Angeles culture influences my identity in relation to western pop culture.” Francisco Palomares has moved back to East Los Angeles where he continues to exhibit, commission artwork, and working at Ryman Arts as a Teaching Assistant. Most recently he was selected to exhibit artwork in the “Poets and Artist: Figural Moment” an issue curated by F. Scott Hess.