To foster community through art even as we stay home, we are doing a fun challenge that is open for all to participate. Share your drawings for a chance to be our artist of the week and win a prize!

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This Week's Challenge | Jun 1 - 4

How to participate:

  1. Create a drawing using each week's prompt as your inspiration. Use any drawing medium you like—pencil, ink, colored chalk, etc. It must be your own creation!
  2. Share a photo of your drawing by tagging @rymanarts on Instagram and using #RymanArtsChallenge or email a photo of your artwork to info(at)ryman.org 
  3. Complete and share your drawing by Thursday 11:59 PM (PDT) each week for a chance to be selected as our artist of the week! 
  4. Look for our emails on Mondays for new prompts each week! 
  5. Help us spread the word by doing this activity with family and friends


See the amazing artwork that has been created during this challenge:


Past Challenges & Winners

Week 6: Create a recipe for "happiness soup"

Artist: April Hernandez

Judge: David A. Price, Ryman Arts Board Vice President and President & Founder of Price Leisure Group, Inc. 

"The artist uses chopsticks to rescue a Bowl of Cats, illustrating a complexity that is thought provoking, humorous and delightful." 

Week 5: Draw a scene from your favorite book.

Artist: Emily Garcia

Judge: Michelle Lund, Ryman Arts Board Secretary and President of Sharon D. Lund Foundation

"I can feel Alice’s sorrow and defeat. I can hear Alice say 'well how am I getting out of this?' This picture has a lot of realism and the colors are beautiful."

Week 4: Draw a hybrid monster made up of parts from 3 or more animals.

Artist: Eugenia Sangiovanni

Judge: Wayne Hunt, former Ryman Arts Board President and Founder of Hunt Design

"This week’s drawings were so inventive and technically great that I had to consider other criteria. Without a mean monster among them, I looked for humor, personality and even a bit of narrative. My (difficult) choice: Eugenia Sangiovanni’s charming horned toad-lemur-fish, relaxing in a rocking chair with a pipe while sheltering in place at home."

Week 3: Artist and Disney Legend Herbert D. Ryman created the original concept drawing for Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle. Draw your dream castle.

Artist: Gabi Osmers

Judge: Tom Morris, retired Disney Imagineer

"[This piece] looks imaginative and welcoming...it seems like a place where creative things are happening that can be explored for a day of fun!"


Week 2: Draw a scene that looks different for you now.

Artist: @milk_mintt

Judge: Kathy Mangum, former Ryman Arts Board Member and retired Disney Imagineer

"In so many ways, the assignment of showing what is different also resulted in expressing what has been lost, from a missed graduation to no longer having the freedom to leave our houses whenever we want. However, sometimes that loss brings beautiful change as our environment is reacting to reduced human impact as we all stay home. Less traffic means less pollution which means clearer skies. Therefore, I chose [this artwork] as this week’s winner. I think it’s starkly beautiful. It also expresses an ability to appreciate and celebrate what has changed in our lives, even as we eagerly await things returning to normal again."


Week 1: What makes you smile? Draw something from your daily life that brings you joy.

Artist: Alejandra Martinez

Judge: Robin Kalota, former Ryman Arts Board Member and Founder of Plan Art, LLC

"I chose [this piece] for several reasons. First, there is complexity to her piece as evidenced by her ability to portray both the lush colors of the landscape outside, the outdoor world, and reveal the indoor world via her reflection in the window. There was a quietude to her picture, a sense of calmness and pensiveness that emanated out of the work. Third, it achieved the objective of showing a simple daily joy."