Ryman Arts: Highlights of 2018

By Marilyn Nguyen (Ryman ’11), Development Coordinator

From offering our very first Alumni Fellowship to reaching our highest number of accepted applicants from outreach to date, 2018 was a phenomenal year for Ryman Arts. As we enter 2019, we want to share with you some of the greatest moments of last year! Here are the highlights:

Ryman Arts parents made the most creative snacks!

These amazing treats were made by our student Liv M.'s parents for the last day of Fall semester at Cal State Fullerton.

Ryman Arts welcomed new faculty member, Ja’Rie Gray.

This year, we welcomed Master Teaching artist Ja'Rie Gray as the newest addition to the Ryman Arts faculty! Ja’Rie’s bold and vibrant style is evident in her painting A Conversation with Three of Me.

Ryman Arts alumna and parent celebrated 10 years of volunteering!

Our alumna Allison Sweetland (Ryman '09) and her mom Karen Stoner have volunteered at our graduation ceremony every year for the last 10 years!

Ryman Arts works on a updating its mission.

We have been working to update our mission statement. As part of the process, we invited our friends, supporters, and community members to a stakeholder meeting last September. Together, we are working toward a new mission that reflects our current work in the community.

Ryman Arts alumna interned at Walt Disney Imagineering in Orlando, Florida.

Our alumna Yvette Nakamoto (Ryman '14) was the first of the Ryman Arts Sklar Interns to complete her summer internship this year at Walt Disney Imagineering in Orlando, Florida.

Long-time Ryman Arts supporters gifted 2018 graduates with totefolios!

Our longtime friends and supporters Shirley and Albert Schmidt gifted each of the 2018 graduates with their very own totefolio to store and display their artwork during the graduation ceremony.

Ryman Arts offered first ever Alumni Fellowship.

Ryman Arts’ first Alumni Fellow is Karen Ramirez (Ryman '13)!

Volunteer archivists discovered gems from Herbert D. Ryman Archive.

Archivists Paula Sigman Lowery and Libby Spatz (volunteering through the Hyperion Historical Alliance) continue to discover gems from the personal archives of Herbert D. Ryman. Recently they found two original articles about Herbie’s “Miracle Tree.”

Faculty member Kaleeka Bond received 2018 Sharon Disney Lund Master Teaching Award.

In 2018, the Sharon Disney Lund Master Teaching Award honored faculty member Kaleeka Bond who has been with Ryman Arts since 2012. With the scholarship prize, Kaleeka will create a new body of work based on her travels to Ghana and portraits from her friends and family in West Africa.

Ryman Arts has a successful year of outreach.

We are proud to share that our Spring 2018 Semester had the highest number of accepted applicants from outreach to date! During the 2017-2018 year, our outreach efforts reached 2,383 students from 31 schools and community centers in low income areas.

Ryman Arts alumna was the Head of Story for Disney’s Ralph Breaks the Internet.

Alumna Josie Trinidad (Ryman '94) is the Head of Story for Disney’s Ralph Breaks the Internet, which was nominated for Best Animated Feature by the Golden Globe Awards and Critics' Choice Awards. As a successful Filipino-American in the creative industry, she is an inspiration to our alumni and students!

Student found personal confidence through Ryman Arts.

"I love this program; it is a safe place to ask questions and is helpful in learning new techniques. Also it is a great environment to make new friends," reflected student Isabella C. (Ryman '19) on her first semester at Ryman Arts. Our Master Teaching artist Robin Palanker noticed that Isabella was shy at first, but over time, she gain confidence through Ryman Arts, and now she enjoys making new friends and contributing during class critiques!