Special Thanks for Making An Affair of the Art Happen!

By Marty Sklar, Ryman Arts Co-Founder and Board President

Thank you, all, for joining us at the 2014 An Affair of the Art. We appreciate your support at another very popular and successful Ryman Arts fund-raiser. One of the keys that makes this event such a crowd-pleaser is the professional installation and the way the circus theme played out in all the details. Our in-kind sponsors make this possible. I’d like to tell you about our very positive experience again this year with the team Richard and Frank Bencivengo have at Lexington Design & Fabrication. When you have their key people in and out of your house—not just on the tennis court!—for two weeks, you get a strong sense of “who they are”. We know what they can do from a design and construction standpoint—you see it all over our An Affair of the Art show set up, and you probably know Lexington’s skill already. But Leah and I like the people. They work hard, respect our home, and are a pleasure “to have around”.

Our other sponsors are amazing supporters of Ryman Arts as well: The Hettema Group, Arent Fox, Da Vinci Artists’ Colors, Sandy & Allan Fainbarg, Garner Holt Productions, Partners Federal Credit Union, Pillsbury, Angeleno, Diana & Gregory Waller, Tania Norris, and the Walt Disney Birthplace. Barbara Jacobs at The Edison provided the bars, and Disney—through Disneyland, the Disney Volunteers, and Walt Disney Imagineering (wasn’t Patti Newton’s Circus design theme fun?) supplied the graphics and printing support and so much hands-on effort. And of course, our special friends, Ryman Arts Board Member Michelle Lund, and the dynamic duo from Wisconsin, our great friends Shirley & Albert Schmidt (and their friends!)—they are always there (here!) for Ryman Arts.

I could not write a note of credit without bowing (deeply and sincerely) to the dedication of Eric Elliott of Elliott Metal Fabrication. It’s a family tradition—Jim and Maggie Elliott were our Art Directors for years for An Affair of the Art—and for most of the 20 plus years we have had this event, Eric has been the lighting wizard. But this year, he was really the Art Director in charge… and when he needed help, he called on his brother Todd, who left his picture-framing business in Carmel to help hang the art for the show. Thanks Eric—you have become as much a tradition around our home during the show as the lunch-time deliveries from Art’s Deli!!