Why Ryman Arts Matters

By David A. Price, Board of Directors, Vice President

You just need to turn to the annual publication of the Otis Report on the Creative Economy for Greater Los Angeles to grasp WHY Ryman Arts matters! Education is a cornerstone to the Creative Economy and our Region’s future. Not everyone understands the importance of the Creative Economy and the role of education so let’s begin by addressing both.

Creative Economy

The Creative Economy driven by the arts, design and entertainment ranks 4th out of 66 clusters in LA County, representing one in eight jobs and generating $230 Billion in economic output annually. The strength of the Creative Economy in Southern California cannot be assumed going forward. The State of California is not educating a sufficient supply of workers for an economy that is shifting toward higher skill jobs and away from lower skill jobs. In addition, global competition for creative innovation and services is fast emerging.

Ryman Arts Master Teaching Artist David Schoffman with students


To maintain a leadership role in our Creative Economy and our Region’s future, we must invest in education. We have entered an age of idea making that emphasizes originality that cannot be easily outsourced, and that demands a creative and skilled workforce.  More companies are seeking employees with creativity as well as problem solving and communications skills. Education is key to unlocking these critical skill sets vital to our Region’s future. Education provides competitive advantages that reach across almost every industry in the region.

The future of our Creative Economy demands a support system that sustains creative activity: industry sponsored internships and mentoring programs; similar outreach programs from trade associations like the Themed Entertainment Association involving colleges and universities; and especially Nationally recognized arts education programs like Ryman Arts which is transforming the lives of talented high school students that will build careers in our Creative Economy.

Ryman Arts student at Career Day

Ryman Arts prepares its talented students with critical skill sets and life skills important to developing future careers in numerous Creative Economy Markets including:

Creative Economy Markets

  • Architecture & Interior Design
  • Art Galleries
  • Communication Arts
  • Digital Media Art
  • Entertainment
  • Fashion Design
  • Furniture and Home Furnishings
  • Landscape Design
  • Product and Industrial Design
  • Toy Design
  • Visual and Performing Ars
  • Arts Education
  • Financial Institutions
  • Legal

These same markets also provide Ryman Arts with critical support and industry partnerships needed to sustain and guide the continuing success of our art education programs. Consequently, Ryman Arts and its Board of Directors invites and welcomes building strategic partnerships with industry and business leaders representing Creative Economy markets dependent upon a growing and talented work force. We must invest in our young people by providing a support system to grow and encourage new talent entering the Creative Economy and our Region’s future.  Ryman Arts and its Nationally recognized art education programs is helping to make that possible. 

Together we can build an exciting future for the rising talent needed of our Creative Economy.