A New School Year!

By Rebecca Tuynman, Education Manager

I love a new school year, I always have. When I was little I was happy to get my supplies all in order before the first day, in college I loved pouring over the course catalog to pick my classes, and now at Ryman Arts I’m gleefully anticipating all the great new students, and seeing how the returning students have matured (artistically and otherwise) over the summer. There will be 271 Ryman Arts students at our two campuses this fall, our largest class ever! They come from 147 different zip codes; as far north as Lancaster, and as far south as San Diego.

We are starting our fourth semester at our Cal State Fullerton campus, and it already feels very homey there. While the art department is huge and great, I hope that students also venture farther before or after classes. The Fullerton Arboretum is on the opposite end of the CSUF campus, and it’s a really beautiful place to walk or draw. Sometimes they are selling the fresh fruits and vegetables they grow there, or have plant sales.

While everyone coming to Ryman Arts on the Cal State Fullerton campus sees the sculptures all around the Visual Arts Center (who doesn’t love that huge ice cream cone?) there’s sculpture throughout the campus. The Fallen David – a life size replica of Michaelangelo’s “David”, broken and laying on the ground – is particularly fun to seek out. You can see a full listing of the campus sculpture collection here.  So whether you’re a student, parent, or visitor to Ryman Arts at Cal State Fullerton, don’t let your campus experience end at the studio!


[Image: Fallen David, California State University, Fullerton]