What I Would Never Have Known…

By Matthew Santin, winner of the 2014 Ryman Arts Scholarship to Otis Summer of Art. Matthew will be attending Fullerton College this Fall.

I didn’t hear about Ryman Arts until my Junior year in high school. I immediately applied and was accepted for my Senior year. In my two semesters, I was given opportunities I would have never known I was missing. I’ve been to Disney Animations Studios, learned about careers in art, spoke to a Disney “Imagineer”, and was introduced to art colleges I didn’t know existed, but have now been accepted to. I’ve gotten portfolio reviews, and been on trips to museums and parks to study, sketch, and learn. As a Ryman student, I was fortunate enough to be awarded a full scholarship to Otis’ Summer of Art next month.

This program has done so much for me that I cannot say how grateful I am; to the Ryman Art Staff, to the teachers that put up with me, to the donors who made this all possible. I was able to try new techniques I wouldn’t have had the resources for otherwise coupled with college-level instruction. I was given professional-grade pastels, watercolors, charcoal, and other art supplies that my teenage budget could not normally afford, as well as live models to work from and detailed, helpful critiques.

To all of the Ryman Arts teachers, staff, and donors: I give you my heartfelt thanks. Two weeks ago, I became a High School Graduate, and tonight I’m proud to say that I am a Ryman Arts Graduate, too.

[Image: Matthew Santin at the 2014 Graduation Ceremony]