Student Opportunities

Listed here are resources to help you continue your Ryman Arts learning while you’re not in weekly classes with us. This page will be updated frequently, be sure to check back for more content.


Projects to Continue to Develop your Foundation Art Skills


Still life

How to set up a still life (PDF) – Holly Boruck 
Creating Art during a Pandemic (PDF) - Manny Cosentino



Self portrait in Prismacolor (YouTube) – Sergio Rebia


Charcoal portrait (PDF) – Ichiro Irie 
Graphite portrait (PDF) – Ichiro Irie 
Colored Pencil portrait (YouTube)– Sergio Rebia 
Colored pencil portrait (YouTube) – Sergio Rebia



Interior in perspective (YouTube) – Sergio Rebia



Drawing the body in movement: work with a model, human or animal, and create something with implied movement. Be inspired by this handout, and this one (PDFs) Robin Palanker
Draw This! YouTube channel for live figure drawing sessions

Art History

Commerce, Contemporary Art and the Evolving Role of the Artist (pdf). Art is never created in a vacuum. Art students benefit when the larger implications of their
studies are presented in tandem with their craft-based training. In this assignment from David Schoffman, students watch the classic Robert Hughes/BBC documentary “The Mona Lisa Curse.”

Documenting your Work

A good habit to get into, as an artist, is documenting your work. Take photos of your artwork and organize the images, so that you're always ready to share your work or submit it for a contest, application or exhibition. This handout explains how to take a good photograph of your artwork using your smart phone. There are many more links to directions on photographing artwork on our College and Career Resources page, here.


Summer Art Courses

If you're interested in taking art classes in the summer, here are some places you can look. Most have scholarships available, or are simply free. Check their websites for details.

Idyllwild Arts Online Summer Program

UCI Claire Trevor School of the Arts Summer Institutes

Otis Summer of Art Online

UCLA Art Summer Institute

CalArts Community Arts Partnership (CAP)

Armory Center for the Arts

ArtCenter Extension classes for Teens